Louboutin Rogue Nail Lacquer by Christian Louboutin

photo 1-1Never has there been more fanfare upon receiving a nail polish in the post. Last week I was gifted by friend and nail blogger, Atima of Nails by Nemo, the very haute couture of nail polishes.  I am of course talking about Christian Louboutin’s Louboutin Rogue nail lacquer.

photo 2-1When asked what colour I wanted I of course chose Louboutin Rogue, when else would I get the chance to have the exact same colour of the Louboutin sole on my finger tips? The huge package arrived direct from Louboutin HQ in Italy, very well wrapped in about 3 layers, 2 boxes, tissue paper and a compliments note.

There’s a fun story behind the famous and distinctive red soles of the Louboutin shoe brand and it relates to nail lacquer! Christian was feeling this first shoe prototype was lacking something. He saw his assistant painting her nails red, picked up the bottle of lacquer and painted the entire sole of his first creation, the legacy was born.

christian-louboutin-rouge-nail-polish-ballerina-ultima First Impressions

After delving through the packaging I produce the most formidable, fetish-y looking cosmetic I have ever owned, AND I LOVE IT! The 8 inch spike handle is modelled after the famous Louboutin Ballerina Ultima shoe. The handle disappears into a weapon-like, pin prick of a point. The glass bottle holding the precious formulation is encased in a patent gift box. The bottle itself is a sight to behold; a chunky, multifaceted vial with an ombre black to red design. Even if the formula sucks this ornamental delight will look gorgeous on my dressing table.photo 4-1photo 3-1Formula & Application

The Louboutin Rouge formula is a one coater and has a gel-like consistency. The shade is truer to the Louboutin sole after just one coat but I put on two. I used a base coat first to smooth out any ridges on the nail. The formula applies very well and I didn’t find the handle interfered too much with the application either. It was touch dry in a couple of minutes but takes about 40 mins to 1 hour to be fully solid.

photo 3photo 4Verdict

It’s been a while since I wore a classic red on my nails and this nuetral red hue was very flattering on my skin tone. Red will always be a timeless nail colour, it inspires a fierce femininity just like Christian Louboutin shoes; bold, fearless, self-assured and sexy.

At £36 a bottle the product is expensive but if you are a total nail junkie I understand you might just neeeeeeeed this. It isn’t just a polish this is a statement. £36 for 13fl. oz works out to £2.70 per fluid ounce

Christian Loubotin Beauty has launched with 3 nail polish collections: POP (brights) The Noirs (a darker palette with rich jewels tones and muted neutrals) and The Nudes. I can see the brand expanding into makeup soon, as like Chanel, the cult status and aspirational qualities that the Louboutin brand inspires means shoppers will be willing to buy into the cosmetic lines so they can have a slice of luxury.

What’s next, Louboutin Rogue lipstick? Are you lusting to own one of these lacquers? Let me know your thoughts below.

Get your limited edition Louboutin Red Bottle here.




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