Ren 1 Minute Flash Facial

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It’s no secret that I am skincare obsessed, so it’s unsurprising that I’ve had my beady blogger eye on this new product by REN since its July launch. Flash Rinse – 1 Minute Facial promises to be the answer to greyed out, city-tired complexions needing a Vitamin C boost for an injection of radiance with firming and toning properties. I am already hooked.

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First Impressions
I really love the luxe, white and silver packaging. The influx of speedy products to market recently excites me as well, no one can argue they don’t have a spare minute for a quickie that gives you a certain glow 😉
photo 2
Formula & Application
The formula is a pale green colour and the dominant scent is orange oil, no surprise seeing as it is a Vitamin C based product. Flash Rinse’s texture is totally unique, it feels like something between a primer and glycolic gel cleanser. It is slick but has friction to it. I smooth it all over my face and neck then add a small splash of water to kick start the active ingredients. Remember to massage the product into your face once you add the water so the formula can emulsify and get to work properly.
I can feel the exfoliation at work already and spend a little extra time working it into my problem areas, forehead, chin and nose. Leave for 1 minute then rinse off with warm water. I like to use my muslin cloth so I get off all the product.
 photo 3-2
So how does it work? Flash Rinse has boswellia and ascorbic acid and stabilised 10% vitamin C to improve elasticity in the skin, whilst helping to even out tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I do love a natural acid based product, I feel they are far more effective than mechanical (sandy) scrubs.
I have been a little under the weather recently and my usual creams and serums have felt like they’re just sitting on top of my tired and lacklustre complexion. Results after the first use is a more radiant complexion, tighter pores and finer lines. Prolonged usage saw a smoother, allover complexion and prolonged radiance. I have been using this product twice a week to give my skin a serious radiance boost. Ren recommends using no more than 3 times a week and for sensitive skin sufferers to go easy!
I like that the formula is marketed as a “mini-facial” treatment so it feels like an extra treat for skin, an indulgent mid-week boost to your regular skincare routine. It’s lucky it’s not a daily product as the £32 price-tag isn’t cheap but the results speak for themselves, so I think it’s a fair price point. Definitely one for the wish-list.
You can buy Ren Flash 1 Minute Facial at the Ren online and you will get a few cheeky freebies with every order.
Will you be investing?

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