Nike 7 Day Reboot: The Aftermath


As you know I was doing to Nike 7 day Body Reboot in association with Net-a-Porter all last week. Having been quite lazy in my approach to clean eating and exercise in the past I needed a detox challenge that wasn’t going to eat into my time too much or leave me obsessing over when my next meal was coming.

How did I do?

From the 7 day challenge I managed every workout, I can’t even believe I am saying that. Especially since one was on a hangover (oops, naughty). Joslyn (Nike Master Trainer) tweeted and instagrammed me with encouraging comments throughout which really spurned me on as well! The videos are really easy to follow and I felt as if I was working out “smart” because I could feel and see the difference a few days in which is encouraging.

3 reasons why I would recommend these work outs

  1. Joslyns workouts are super quick – 15-25 mins and you are done
  2. From day 1 I felt the difference in my body, from day 3 I could see the difference in my muscles and core strength
  3. I could genuinely feel myself being stronger despite the aches in my body. It was easy to be motivated by her no nonsense, results driven approach


Some meals from the plan: Baked sweet potato with tuna, pepper and bean salad, Fruit salad with lime, mint and mixed seeds, Avocado on Rye with cherry toms and Rainbow salad with boiled egg.

As far as the meal plan is concerned this was an area that required quite a lot of prep. I will admit I found the cooking and preparation of each meal time consuming and on several occasions ended up making something easier from the ingredients in the plan, so technically not cheating…?

You will not be hungry so don’t worry about that, you are pretty much eating every 3 hours on this plan. For me there was rather too much fruit involved. I’m not keen on the acidity that fruit has and it can be irritable to my stomach so I tended to skip some of the fruit snacks and breakfast preferring to opt for celery sticks and eggs.

Weirdly enough I didn’t suffer from any caffeine withdrawal and had tons more energy as well. No 3pm slump here!


I feel like my body has hit the reset button. I am not sure I have lost much weight but I have definitely beaten the bloated swollen feeling I get a lot of the time after eating carbs or sugar. Also my ass is well on its way to being a total bubble butt!

These videos will continue to be viewable on the Net-a-Porter Youtube channel which is great because it is something I will definitely revisit when I feel like my body needs an overhaul.

Start your 7 Day Body Reboot Today



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