Brighten Your Natural Smile

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If you didn’t already know, May 19th – June 19th marks national smile month here in the UK.

In a nutshell, National Smile Month is the UK’s largest and longest-running oral health campaign. It got me thinking about how much I take my smile for granted!

When I was younger I had orthodontic work done and as a result have a really nice set of straight teeth, you should have seen them before… But the way your teeth look is only half the package. Oral health is important as well and, like me, you may be neglecting this aspect of your smile. It has been 2 years since I went to the dentist, that’s shameful! I also noticed over the last few years my teeth are not as white as they used to be, maybe because since moving in with my sister I have developed a penchant for early morning expresso coffees and red wine with dinner.

There are a few small steps I have taken in order to improve my smile, both in health and aesthetically.


Replace Red Wine for White Wine

With the summer season in full flow make sure you are opting for a glass of white wine rather than red. And why not; it’s fresher, crisper and can be enjoyed as a spritzer as well. Not only a more seasonal choice, but you will avoid the tell tale staining you get on your teeth and lips after a vino or two.



Caffeine Addicts – Shape Up

I get it, coffee is a staple for many in the mornings and even throughout the day. I am now drinking my morning espresso pre-teeth brushing so I can lift the stains before heading out the door and avoid having them sat on my pearly whites all day long. I have been trading in one of my two coffees a day for one of Coco Vitas new coffee drink, Coco Cafe, which gives me the boost of an espresso with the natural hydration of coconut water. A cooling, caffeine alternative, it’s so delicious you must try.


Teeth Whitening

When I lived abroad I used Crest Whitening Strips. Since moving back to the UK I can’t find these any where! Why? Because it turns out they are illegal here in the UK due to large levels of hydrogen peroxide! UK laws say that no teeth whitening can be sold with a higher percentage than 6% peroxide. This is obviously for health reasons, or maybe they don’t trust that we wont swallow it? Anyhow, I have tried several at home whitening kits and my favourite (legal) choice is Rapid White 2 Week Whitening Kit, available at Boots.  This guarantees an 8 shades whiter result. I use the kit as a top up once a month to keep my pearly whites bright.


Get Fruity

If you don’t want to opt for the bleaching an alternative could be sitting in the grocery isle at the supermarket. I am not a huge fruit eater in general although I will never say no to a sweet, juicy punnet of strawberries when offered. Strawberries are actually a natural teeth whitener due to the malic acid in them, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discolouration on your teeth. They are in season now and market stalls are brimming with the biggest, juiciest harvests of the year. There is no excuse.

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Blue Based Lipstick

Nothing complements a swipe of lipstick better than a pearly-white smile. Did you know that a blue based lipstick will actually enhance the whiteness in your teeth by knocking out yellow tones? One fabulous lipstick, which does this really well, is Belladonna2 by cult lipstick brand, Melt Cosmetics. A pinky red hue which when layered turns redder. If you have struggled to find Melt in the UK they are available at Beauty B Cosmetics online store and Amazon.


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Smokey Joe No Mo’!

After a drink or two do you find yourself feeling the urge to have a sneaky cigarette? There may be an alternative to suit this naughty, occasional habit. I recently opted to try out Njoy electronic cigarettes. The benefits? No smokers breath and staining and you have the money saving benefits of just purchasing the one cigarette instead of a pack that sits at the bottom of your bag, getting stale for weeks. They also make a little crackling noise like a real cigarette when you take a drag, I thought this was pretty cool and authentic. Available here.

If you are lucky you will have all your original teeth for life, so start making small and inexpensive changes to make your smile look and feel its best now and hopefully it will keep winning you job interviews and breaking hearts forever.

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