My Sunday Look: Youthful Flush, No Makeup-Makeup

photo 1

Happy Sunny-day! Today I wanted to show you a quick makeup look for a lazy sunday spent strolling in the outdoors.

We all want to look glowy and pretty even when it’s hot and humid outside. I have a really simple and lightweight makeup look for you which will have your face looking its Sunday best in a no-makeup, makeup sort of way.

photo 4

The Kit


After prepping my skin with my usual serum and a light moisturiser I apply Guerlain BB + Hydra Cream. This baby is part of Guerlain’s Super Aqua-Serum range and has SPF 25 PA++. This product is super light weight, and gives the skin an injection of hydration whilst smoothing. I can;t get enough of this product when my skin is dying for a moisture boost. It’s pricy but a great investment. No concealer here, because we want a youthful, no makeup look.


I didn’t fill my brows in with my usual Benefit Browzings powder (in Dark) but just used the wax to shape and separate the hairs to create a fuller shape. The wax gives you a little colour as well, but if you really want to fill them in only do it through out the tail and leave the bulb of the eyebrow powder free – this is what makes this makeup look less “done”.

photo 3


To avoid using too much powder and losing the skins natural texture I used the only non-powder blush I like, which is Benetint Cheek and Lip stain. Paint on your pink war stripes over the apples of your cheeks extending outwards towards the outer edge of your eye. *TIP* don’t go past this point as we want this blush to look like a young maidens natural flush.

Using your ring finger dab the product into to apples of your cheeks extending out slightly so it fades to nothing. The majority of product should still be on the apples. Don’t rub as you will lose the product and encourage blood to come to the area, which will only confuse you as to wear you put the product.


A simple slick of mascara on the top lashes only. I used my mascara of the moment, Benefit They’re Real. Don’t touch the bottom lashes.


To match the youthful flush added to the cheeks I used Benefit Benebalm on my lips. If you wanted to recreate this look without the glossiness, the Benetitnt stain I used on the cheeks also doubles as a lip stain.

photo 2

Top: Zara Necklace: Etsy 


Worried about oil and shine throughout the day? Take a compact powder with you and dust on as needed. I love Collection Lasting Perfection Powder.




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