BeautyMART brings Bronze Buffer to UK


That time of year is FAST approaching girls, those 5 months of the year when it’s practically mandatory to have a bronzed glow about your person, wether you’ve journed to far away lands on not.

Some people seem to have the self-tanning thing on lock down. I admittedly still get streaks and patches when I am rushing or don’t have my trusty mitt to hand during application. And then there’s those times when you tan the night before an event (good girl, very well organised) and you sleep in a funny position and wake up with tide lines and white patches where you’ve have a little unconscious sweat in your sleep. Gross, but you know what I’m talking about, right?

Ladies there is no need to fear those tan faux pas anymore. I was recently introduced to the niftiest little gizmo by the lovely beaut-xperts at The Beauty Mart. Bronze Buffer is an ingenious little sponge that is made out of the desnse-ist of foam, in an effective star shape, which when soaked in a little water, cleans up all those pesky tide marks with no nasty chemicals, extras creams or harsh scrubbing. Paige, BB’s founder, showed me how she cleverly designed the buffer to have points all around its middle, so you can target that pesky pigment build up that tends to accumulate between the fingers!

So before you reach for the lemon juice and sponge, salvage your tan and time with the Bronze Buffer. Just add water…!

Bronze Buffer is now available in the UK at The Beauty Mart. £10 for 2 sponges.