I Owned the Night: My 1st 10k Complete!

photo 1-1

A little over a month ago I had a moment of madness and signed up for the Nike #WEOWNTHENIGHT Women’s 10k run, which you can read about here. A moment of madness because I am not a runner, repeat NOT a runner. Although Nike do a great sell, this had to be the trendiest run EVER (everything from the DJ’s, light shows and free gifts at the finishing lines were considered)!

photo 5-2

Although I was equipped with the appropriate training programme I will now admit that (against everyones advice) I didn’t even open the thing until 2 days before said run. It is now almost 2 days since I successfully completed the 10k. I am exhilarated (and in agony)! I don’t think I have ever applied such diligence in maintaining such a strong mindset, because it turns out my physical limitations with running was all in my head.

photo 4-2

Around 9k women assembled to run on May 10th at Victoria Park, London, and I came 5857th in a respectable 1.10 hours, averaging around 7mins a km. HIGH FIVE! You can check out my results here.

photo 3-2

Nike made the experience extra memorable by providing us with a great running kit and a beautifully crafted medal/necklace designed by Alex Monroe X Liberty of London. A keepsake I will treasure forever!

photo 2-2

Even if you aren’t an experienced runner I still urge you to sign up next year because it really is an empowering, fun-filled experience that you can share with your sisters, mums, aunties and friends. See you at the starting line, 2015!



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