Beauty Oils: The Lowdown

oil line up

If I had told you ten years ago that in a decades time we would be using oil on our scalps and hair, to wash our make up off and even used as spot treatments, I wouldn’t have believed me either…

Oil beauty products are fast descending from cult status and filtering down into mass market. If you have a look at the ingredients listed on the products in your beauty box, most of them will contain an oil. Whether you use them for your hair, skin, or nails; these oils work best in their most basic and traditional forms, so it is wise to choose products featuring few ingredients and a high concentration of oil. Not slick enough? I have listed out a few good products which still contain a high dose of said oil if you want to ease in your skin. Get ready to be re-educated on oil because it isn’t scary and to be avoided, even if you suffer with oily skin.

Know Your Oils

Grape Oil

Grape oil is rich in vitamin E, C and antioxidants which means it works well on scarring and stretch marks and sagging skin. It is a light oil that doesn’t clog pores and after after a few weeks of application under the eyes, can naturally relieve you of dark circles.


Best Grape oil product: Caudeline Divine Oil, 100ml, £27

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a well known oil, used mostly for cooking. However, recent studies show that this oil has many beneficial properties and is now written about on many cleansing and detoxing websites. It is used to cleanse the liver and also in a practise called oil pulling, said to help remove toxins from the mouth and gums, freshen breath and clean teeth! SIDE NOTE: I tried this last week and what I spat out was fairly gross, which has prompted me to look into this further. Mix olive oil with sugar and you have an excellent body scrub or mix with essential oils for a lovely, hydrating bath time soak as well.


Best Olive Oil Product: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, 70ml, £11

Argan Oil

One of my absolute favourite oils, this baby seems to have a plethora of skin benefits and I fell in love with the stuff when visiting Morrocco a few years ago. Argan is extracted from the nut of a Moroccan tree referred to as the “tree of life,” and was traditionally used to treat skin infections. You can get several varieties of Argan oil because its popularity has risen so much in recent years (including types extracted from goats dung after they eat the nut – avoid this at all costs). Get your Argan from a reputable, organic seller, it should have no added anything…

Benefits: Moroccan women keep themselves youthful and glowing because Argan has squalene protein, a compound that promotes production of collagen; linoleic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid that has double the free radical fighting power as vitamin E and olive oil! This will help heal UV damage and inflamed skin problems. Don’t stay away if you have oily skin because Argan also can regulate skin’s sebum production to keep oily complexions in check!


Best Argan Oil Product: Dr Organics Liquid Gold Moroccan Oil, 50ml, £14.45


I have done little experimenting with coconut oil mostly because of its high RRP. They say you should be substituting olive oil in cooking for coconut oil as it is better for the skin and much healthier for you because it has medium chain fatty acids. Model Miranda Kerr swears by the stuff and eats it, drinks it and put its it all over her skin and scalp.

Coconut oil has a high concentration of antibacterial and antiviral lauric acid. Raw, cold-pressed oil is likely to contain more beneficial nutrients than other form as it hasn’t been heat treated. You can use the same coconut oil found in your kitchen cupboards for your skin, hair, and nails. It also melts makeup away whilst delivering a blast of moisture!


Best Coconut Oil Product: Raw Coconut Cream, £12.50

Jojoba Oil

What makes jojoba oil a popular ingredients in beauty products is its almost identical nature to your own skins natural sebum oil. For this reason it is used as a “carrier” oil in many beauty products used to dilute essential oils. It’s a great product for hydrating skin and fine lines and another good one to try if you suffer from acne or an overproduction of oil on your face. Please give it a go and you’ll never have to reach for that stripping cleanser again!

For a quick, DIY massage oil, mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with pure jojoba.


Best Jojoba oil product: JOJOBA FACE SCRUB, MALIN+GOETZ, £28

To summarise, all of the oils listed above, when sourced in their purest forms, non heat treated and cold pressed, without any additions, can works wonders for your dryness, acne, wrinkles and scarring… You may start to even question that expensive moisturiser sat on your vanity, the one you swear by…Oils, when not laden with additional ingredients, are actually light and super absorbent and shouldn’t sit on the skin.

It’s wise to know what beauty products we can eke from our beautiful and giving earth and take solace in the fact that sometimes the most uncomplicated things are best.



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