Currently Loving: Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner

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I am really having a Guerlain discovery moment this year. I am slowly trialling lots of their products and many are becoming favourites in my beauty bag. 

First Impressions

Liquid eyeliner is a staple in any girls beauty kit. I think I must have tried well over 30 in my time; always black but the nib and formula changes with each new purchase, I’m fickle like that. I was sent the Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner in 05 Brun Cendre to trial.

99% of Guerlain beauty products have me at hello with their beautifully crafted and luxurious packaging. The Liquid eyeliner bottle was no different; the formula is held in a smooth and rounded, frosted glass bottle with an elongated gold lid, very art deco.

I have never tried a brown liner before and wasn’t sure I would like it but when I put it on the I was really impressed and wondered why I hadn’t tried brown liners before. Especially, since sometimes I opt out of a liquid eyeliner look because it feels too dramatic for a day look. This brown hue, which comes out darker than it looks in the bottle, is the perfect day to night look. When the clock hits 6pm just extend that flick out and go!

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This product has a silky, gel-like texture which needs a thin brush to apply, anything thicker and the formula will split from the pressure. It is very pigmented which is great and dries to a matte finish with a slight sheen to it.

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I found this product easy to apply, the length of the lid made it easy to hold as well. I sometimes struggle with thin brushes that aren’t angled, but I enjoyed using this brush which was easy to manipulate and allowed me to get the product right into the lash line. If you wipe off the excess on the rim before applying the brush will go to a very fine point so you can make your flicks very sharp and precise. Dream.

I would say is you need to work fast with this product because once it’s dried it takes on a sort of latex effect, which is what gives the opacity but at the same time makes it hard to rework if you get mistakes. It is easy to remove and is long wearing as well.

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I usually swap between felt tip liners and gel liners from a pot but I think I have been swayed by Guerlain. This liner was super easy to work with and I got the seamless and precision I wanted. I also love that I don’t have to warm the product up on my hand like many gel liners and the nib wont dry out like many of my felt tip ones have.


I am going to be investing in the Blue Outremer (Navy) version which looks so sophisticated it has stolen my heart.