Steal of the Week: Lipstick Playsuit


I was out on a (rare) run yesterday in my local area and on my way home ran past one of the local Vintage Stores. My love affair with vintage clothing peaked when I was 21 and realised that I was no longer finding joy in fusty 80’s jumpers and stained tea dresses. Alas, this little gem caught my eye and I went in for a closer look to find that it was only £10!


Technically this item isn’t vintage as it is of the young, print crazy brand Motel Rocks, who designs really cute playsuits and mini dresses. What instantly attracted me to this item was the print, on closer inspection I was surprised to see that it’s design is loads of little lipsticks! The material is floaty with a crepey texture. I have been looking for a white playsuit for summer and absolutely love this find! Although it is a Medium and a little on the big side, I will invest in some tit-tape so I am not on the accidental flash as the V-neck is quite low.



What do you think?


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