Blow Dry in a Box: Free From Frizz Review



A blow dry in a box, where do I sign up? With the great (wet) British summer looming it sounded like the perfect product to road test against the humid and rainy, pre-summer weather we have been having lately.

I have blonde highlighted, fine hair with a stubborn kink to it. Towards the back of my head my hair is scarily frizz prone! I am no pro but consider myself fairly adept at blow drying my hair, but would love to not have to rely so much on heat tools to get a sleeker barnet.

What is it?

Free from Frizz is essentially an at home Brazilian Blow dry kit without the hefty price tag. It promises frizz free hair for up to 6 weeks, by restructuring and conditioning the hair using a patent-pending recipe of proteins and “a hair bond softening active complex” which is a nice way of saying chemical relaxer. The kit comes in 2 scents Strawberry and Mango and I chose the Mango version because I preferred the smell even though it was for thicker hair.

In The Kit:

Precleanse Shampoo

Active Keratin Treatment

1 x Brush

Pair of gloves


Kit instructions 


You will need to put aside a couple of hours to complete this treatment. I washed my hair with the pre cleanse shampoo twice, and as instructed, didn’t add conditioner. If you haven’t used one of these shampoos before, be prepared for the horrid, squeaky and dry texture your hair is about to take on. This is because the shampoo strips the hair of all its oils so it doesn’t interfere with the relaxer.

I then covered all my hair in the treatment, taking caution to brush the product downwards. This took me about 20 minutes and they advise to not overload the hair so I didn’t use all of it. The product then needs to sit on the hair shaft for 45 mins. Afterwards, you wash out the treatment with warm water only, 90’s dry the hair and then run straighteners over 1 inch sections, 6-7 times to seal in the treatment.

The final step of the treatment is not washing or tieing back your hair for 48 hours! This wouldn’t have been so bad if my hair hadn’t felt crispy, greasy and stiff like cardboard the entire time. There was also a hum of chemicals that surrounded me for 2 days. It was almost unbearable, but I ploughed on because the results would be totally worth having shit hair for 2 days.


End of day 2 I gladly washed and conditioned my hair and styled as normal. What can I say? This is was a disappointing experience. My hair is not one iota less frizzy than before the treatment nor did it shave off any time or effort when blow drying. If anything, my hair feels a bit worse off, drier even, post-treatment. I don’t think this treatment is worth the money and would like a refund, thanks!


Free From Frizz is available at Boots for £14.99



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