Dr Murad: Murasol Launch


photo 2

Dr Murad unveils Murasol broad spectrum sun protection technology

Sun Protection is the biggest anti-ager, full stop. Walk around with a bag on your head and I guarantee, you WILL NOT AGE. But that isn’t any fun! So last Friday the ladies of Dr Murad invited me to, what promised to be, a very exciting SPF breakthrough-launch, for one of my favourite skincare brands. How could I say no!?

It was actually DR Murad that introduced me to the wonders of glycolic acid. For those who don’t know, glycolic acid is a mild acid derived from fruit, that is used in facial peels to uncover new skin, tighten pores and plump wrinkles. Every girl needs glycolic in her life! So, despite trying many skincare products there is only one brand I trust when it comes to my facials. Trust, love, depend on; all BIG phrases but ones that come to mind when I hear Dr Murad…. More on this exquisite facial service in a later blog post!

photo 1 photo 3

Dr Howard Murad’s son and Vice President of NPD, Jeff Murad, flew over from sunny Cali to talk us through their new discovery in SPF protection. I know what you are thinking, it can be hard to get excited about SPF, but Dr Murad’s research has uncovered a genius finding which can offer its wearers the highest factor of sun protection, ever.

photo 4 photo 1

Whilst sipping on champagne and canapés we discovered Murasol; a new technology which combines not only SPF but a few key antioxidants which settle beneath the skin epidermis and offer its wearer long lasting protection against harmful, free radicals long after your SPF has stopped working for you. News Flash: Your SPF won’t catch every cancer and wrinkle causing ray! So, Dr. Murad has done a shed load of research and through rigourous testing discovered that Vits A C & E and Broccoli extract (superfood extraordinaire!) combined with your PA+++ SPF offers you 360 protection from not only UVB (causes sunburn) rays but UVA (causes cancer and wrinkles) as well. This is all packed into a little sun stick called Murad Essential-C Sun Balm (£19.50) which they told us is perfect for those areas that are prone to catching more rays than other; end of nose, chin, tops of ears etc.

Shockingly many high street sun creams only offer protection from UVB rays. Look at your sun protection and see for yourself!

photo 2

Dr Murad Moisturiser selection now all with Murasol protection

If like me you have your daily moisturiser and find it hard remembering to put on a sunblock during the summer months as well, you will be pleased to hear that Dr Murad has infused this awesome Murasol protection into all of their moisturisers! Yipeee! I use their redness correcting one, so now I can put this on as normal and have broad spectrum protection as well, without a second thought.

photo 5

Getting our skin analysis!

photo 4

Being treated to a Mini Pomegranate facial by House of Fraser Therapist, Natasha. She is brilliant!

What: Dr Murad unveils Murasol

Where: The Mayfair Hotel

Who: Beauty Bloggers

What we ate: Mini Fish n Chips, goats cheese canapés and duck spring rolls.

What we drank: Champagne and Orange juice

PS. I have exciting news regarding an innovative piece of skin kit for all your ladies who have problems with your pores. I am eagerly awaiting trial and will report as soon as I can!




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