The Lacquer Lab: Naked Ladies Collection

Naked Ladies coll 2


As some of you will already know I am also the Creative Director and Co-Founder of a boutique, nail lacquer business – The Lacquer Lab.

Let me introduce you to one of our most anticipated collections to date! The nude nail trend shows no signs of stopping, but with so many skin tones and tastes to take into consideration, it makes sense to bring out a 6-strong lacquer collection so there is something for everyone!

Whether you are a die hard polish addict or just love updating your nails with a new, chic colour then I’m confident that you will love our brand!

Naked Ladies Coll

We are: ethical, 5 toxin-free, fashion-led, hand-blended in the UK, luxury nail lacquer brand. What’s not to love about that?


Our Naked Ladies Model is my lovely sister, Jessica

The Naked Ladies collection is a sophisticated palette of fashion-led Nudes, inspired by iconic naked ladies. We have looked to famous artist muses, strong historical queens and naughty burlesque dancers for inspiration for this collection.

The collection includes 6 shades; 2 pretty pearlescent shades (Nymphette and Venus) and 4 luxe-crème colours (Kleopatra, Dita, Pamela & Nude Maja) which come in The Lacquer Lab’s signature square glass bottle and black matte cap. The formula is fluid and easy to apply. The rich pigments mean flawless, luxurious strokes of colour from our easy-application, wide brushes. You are sure to find a shade to suit every skin tone.

So far we have had some amazing blogger coverage! The images below are courtesy of AJ of, you can read her review here.

The-Lacquer-Lab-Naked-ladies-Collection-16 The-Lacquer-Lab-Naked-ladies-Collection-14

Kleopatra: Image source: AJ of Nail-lacquer

The-Lacquer-Lab-Naked-ladies-Collection-12 The-Lacquer-Lab-Naked-ladies-Collection-13

Dita: Image source: AJ of Nail-lacquer

The-Lacquer-Lab-Naked-Ladies-Collection-20 The-Lacquer-Lab-Naked-ladies-Collection-9

 Nude Maja: Image source: AJ of Nail-lacquer

Pamela swatch

Pamela: Image source:

Nymphette swatch

Nymphette: Image source:

VENUS swatch

Venus: Image source:

You can buy The Naked Ladies collection here. Lacquer pots are priced at £7 each or £35 for the complete collection.


Happy Friday!






Alexander Wang x H&M Confirmed


This week the latest collaboration between Hennes and Designer was announced at Cochella and it is none other than Alexander Wang. Images of starved, frozen and bleary eyed fashion victims sat outside H&M Regent Street on a cold November evening spring to mind. Who am I kidding this drop will be anything but tame!

“I am honoured to be a part of H&M’s designer collaborations,” Wang said this morning. “The work with their team is an exciting, fun process. They are very open to pushing boundaries and to set a platform for creativity. This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle.”




3 years ago I sat at my laptop refreshing the H&M website continuously for 4 hours, trying to blag myself a pair of those luminous, palm tree printed leggings by Versace (the first noteworthy H&M collar). I got them in the end and didn’t even wear them and eventually they ended up on eBay. So is the hype that surrounds these types of designer collaborations, an opportunity for mere mortals to own a slice of the designer empire…TASTE ASIDE?


I didn’t think it could get much better than the Isabel Marant collection that came earlier this year, but Wang? Hello?! I have decided if there was one designer I would sit outside a store for hours on end then this would be it. I have already selected the running shoes and leggings I will be wearing when they eventually crack open the doors on November 9th and all hell breaks loose! Handbags at dawn ladies!

I am anticipating lots of black, leather panelling, oversized 90’s sportswear and predicting the famous Rocco bag will make some sort of reincarnation into the diffusion line.

Alexander Wang drops in H&M November 9th 2014.

Only 206 days and counting……