Revlon Colourburst: Matte & Lacquer Balms Review

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So Revlon have just about gone crayon crazy this year with their new lip offerings! I’m a dab hand with a lipliner and a lipstick and despise a wonky lip line, so when I first became aware of the crayon lipstick concept I was wary that this product format might not give me the precision I get with my liner and lipstick combo. But oh my the colours and finishes were so tempting I had to give them a whirl!
Revlon ColourBurst Balms come in 2 finishes: Matte and Lacquer. I am instantly more attracted to the idea of the matte balms because Matte finishes are definitely having a big beauty moment right now although the shiny foil packaging on the lacquer collection is definitely luring me in. OOhhh soooo shinnnyyy.
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Colour Options
Texture and Consistency
The Matte Balms are really well pigmented with great coverage that manages to be lightweight and still have that powdery, velvety finish I crave from a matte lipstick. The added shea butter makes the product comfortable and flexible to wear.
The Lacquer Balms were such a dream to swatch. Upon first application they looked like a tinted balm, but as the product reacted with my body heat the lacquer shine really came through! How they get so much gloss into a solid little crayon nib is beyond me, I am impressed. I can see these products being a summer makeup bag staple because both are so lightweight and fresh, and not heavy and sticky like the name “Lacquer” implies.
Both balms have a hat-trick  moisture combo of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters which I believe adds to the comfort and longevity of the product.
photo 2 photo 3
Wearability Application & Scent
The longevity of the Matte Balms I would place at around 3 hours before a top up is needed, less if you eat but that is to be expected. I also think this product could be used as a blush providing you choose the right colour. A 2 in 1 product is always a bonus!
The Lacquer Balms don’t last as long as the matte ones do, however they are much more versatile as you can build them up for a real juicy lip or just swipe along the lips once for a subtle burst of tint. Also, these crayons are great if you leave your lip balm at home, they will keep your lips moisturised until you can get your hands on the real deal.
These ease of application is really great. If you opt for a darker shade in the matte balms I would personally recommend a lip liner so you stay on the right side of the fence when applying this will also help curb feathering. The darker the hue the more obvious it looks when you aren’t precise in your application. The light matte shades and all lacquer balms are fine alone and you can be forgiven if the application isn’t perfect. I would also reccomened using your finger to dab/blot once applied to give your lips a more relaxed, petal stained look and help distribute the product more evenly. I predict the Colourburst balms to be a staple product for the summer months ahead.
Both lacquer and matte balms have a menthe scent due to the peppermint oil in them, which gives your lips a polite tingling sensation, nothing too dramatic. I personally really like a minty scent in my lip products so this is a nice touch.
photo 4
My Favourites
Elusive in Matte balm because is the perfect everyday pink only slightly lighter than the nudey-pink I usually opt for. It has a 60’s sex kitten feel to it and I can also use the colour on my cheeks as blush.
Provocateur in Lacquer balm because I loved how juicy and fresh it was. I don’t usually wear a pinky red when choosing red lipstick, but this one reminds me of a fresh slice of watermelon and got me all hyped for the summer!
Revlon ColourBurst Balms are perfect for your everyday lip look. Toss in your handbag and apply a top up with ease in the nearest shop window reflection. Totally fuss free and user friendly and with such a well curated selection of shades you are sure to find a lacquer and a matte crayon in a colour to suit your skin tone and taste.
Now on sale in Boots and Superdrug. RRP: £7.99 each but £5.99 at Superdrug for a limited time.

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