Old Gold: Marc Jacobs & Nars Announce New Campaign Faces

134678_1225354103212_full CharlotteRampling_01

Last week, 1 major beauty brand and 1 designer turned beauty brand both simultaneously announced that the new faces to front their brands are none other than couple of pension pulling broads! Of course, this is not the first time a trend led cosmetic brand has picked an older lady to front a campaign. MAC famously put 90 year old, style bomb, Iris Apfel in their 2011 campaign and boy did she do that crimson lippie justice!


Iris Apfel, working it for MAC in 2011, shot by Jeff Bark

NARS has chosen timeless beauty, Charlotte Rampling, 68, to be the new face of NARS cosmetics and Marc Jacobs selected 64 year old Jessica Lange to front this seasons campaign. Both are stunning women for their age and there is no denying a good pair of cheekbones never go out of fashion, Don’t shoot the messenger, but thinning lips and sagging brows are not typically deemed as aspirational quality in beauty! However, I truly believe that you have to have outer and inner beauty in equal measures to reflect your most beautiful person and these two babes definitely still shine in front of the lens. 



Charlotte Rampling then and now.

“She is a natural beauty that feels strong, yet relatable,” Nars told WWD. “Charlotte’s ability of transformation is unparalleled. Whether captured in pieces of artwork, through the lens of a magazine photographer or on film and the big screen, she has an amazing power to encompass a character.” – Vogue



Jessica Lange then and now. Most famous for her role in King Kong, 1978. Bottom photo Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign shot by David Sims.

This got me thinking about the current market trend pricking the ears of beauty brands everywhere. I am of course talking about the capitalisation of “Old Gold”. With the average life span of the population increasingly on the up, we are now living longer than ever. Therefore, increasing the market share for cosmetic products for the over 60’s is a smart move and still currently somewhat an empty sector. If, like me, you won’t be letting a free bus pass get in the way of wearing your favourite red lipstick then you will agree that this is a category that should be fully explored by brands in order to keep younger consumers engaged in their products from teens right through to OAP. There is also no denying the current spending power of the baby-boomer generation!

The decision to get 60 year olds to front cosmetic campaigns as a smart business strategy rather than an emboldened feminist move. Nars and MJ are cleverly securing the future of their brand by showing us young ones that even though the wrinkles may set in and the age spots will start to appear, we can confidently rock a Nars Orgasm Blusher and a LoveMarc Lip Gel until the death do us part.

That’s a good head for business.



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