Let’s Talk Colour: Marc Jacobs Fall Hair Colour Trend


MJ’s AW 14 collection was a wash of dreamy of nudes tones, exploring a what seemed like a spectrum of a nuetrality. The clothes were fabulous, it goes without saying, but it was the beauty aspects of the show that really caught my attention; the models blunt bobs in varying washes of beige with matching headbands and nude shimmer makeup. It all sounds very – beige, however the colours were a really beautiful and somewhat futuristic. Is her hair brown? ginger? blonde?


These nameless shade created by hairstylist Guido and colour expert Victoria Hunter of Whittemore House Salon in New York City. The colour was inspired by a nude nail lacquer in MJ’s cosmetic collection he launched last year.

photo 3 (2)

The overall feel was quite impactful despite said wigs were some of the least shocking colours I have ever seen, what drew me in was the eerie, vintage, milky, pearlescent tones shimmering under the runway lights.


“The shades are very chic and tasteful and powerful—and with everything that’s been out there with color being so literal, this is a cleverer alternative. It’s something unique, and we haven’t really seen it before, which is why I think it’s caused a bit of a craze,” says Victoria. Her mink-y hair colours have inspired woman around the world and she already has trend hunters calling up requesting the hair colour this season!


Images: Emily Weiss 

Hair by Guido for Redken

Makeup by François Nars for Nars Cosmetics.


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