Collection Lasting Perfection Face Kit: Product Review

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Collection Makeup have just made over there bestselling range, Lasting Perfection, so I was keen to give the products a go after hearing so many favourable reviews from users and MUA’s alike. I’m not going to lie I’m a bit of a foundation snob, I like premium packaging, dreamy, expensive smelling scents and a luxurious feeling product, it is after all going all over my face! Lasting  Perfection claims up to 16 hours of wear and is a 6 in 1 product promising to prime, conceal, cover, smooth, protect and mattify  so I was really keen to but these products through their paces.

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Today the circumstances weren’t in Collections favour; I woke after a heavy night of tapas and red wine (double dating to the max recently) so my skin is not looking its best and with a day of running errands ahead and a Friday night cocktail sesh with the girls let’s see if the perfection does indeed last…


Half my face is bare and half has the foundation on.

I trialed Lasting Perfection Foundation in Warm Beige (£5.99) and the Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear powder in 02 Medium (£4.19). First impressions are of a lovely, heavy frosted glass bottle. The powder has equally nice packaging; a really sturdy acrylic compact, with split levels, a big mirror and a makeup sponge for application.

I have washed my face and applied my YSL Youth Liberator Serum (£48 at John Lewis) followed by the YSL Forever Youth Liberator  Creme (£63 also from John Lewis). No primer or concealer here as the foundation promises to do this for me.


10am- After application, I added some Bobbi Brown nude lipstick.

The foundation is thick and has full coverage which you would expect from a long wear foundation. Use a buffing brush like MAC’s 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush (£33.50) instead of a flat brush to avoid stroke marks. This will ensure the product is applied evenly. Also avoid the hair line and go sparingly around nose creases so it doesn’t cake like mine did. The finish is matte velvety.

The powder is much more than a dry finish powder. It is my experience with these types of powders which makes me not bother using one in my beauty regime, but Collections Ultimate Wear Powder has a really pleasing, silky, creamy texture you would not expect of a powder at all. I thought it was interesting that they supply you with a sponge and not a puff, but that became clear when I felt the powders texture.  I used the powder on my nose as this is usually wear my make up comes off first.


Product shown on right eye only.

I am also trialing Collections Volumising Mascara 10 x Extra Volume (£3.99). First impressions is that its packaging is strikingly similar to Maybelline’s mascara. The brush is large and doesn’t seem to pick up the product that easily. The size also meant I struggled to get into my inner corner lashes. Having said that I really like the effect it has on my lashes, soft, fluttery, very princess-y but not what I expected as it is a volumising mascara. A mascaras formula changes in the first few weeks of opening so I will persevere with this one to see if it changes/thickens after a few weeks.

photo 3 photo 1

6pm – Got my evening face on, I haven’t retouched the foundation and it’s still going strong.

To summerise I am really impressed with Lasting Perfection foundation. The coverage is full, the finish is matte and it’s perfect for an evening look and it does last! However the real hero product here is the Ultimate Wear Powder compact. Take it to dinner, drinking, dancing, wherever you go this product will work hard with your base to make sure you are putting a flawless face forward from dusk to dawn. I’m a total convert! I used the compact powder for touch up’s on my T-zone only twice throughout the night and had the girls clamoring to try it after they saw what a flawless finish it gave. When your girlfriends all want a go you know you’re on to something good. KUDOS!

All products are available at Superdrug & Boots



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