Nails of the day: Eye of the Tiger


I did a fresh little mani today because I wanted to trial a new lacquer we are developing  that is part of our next Lacquer Lab collection. As you can see from the pics below it is a nude hue, which I am very excited about. As head of product development and creative I get to pop into my Lacquer Lab every time I am feeling creative and whip up any colour I can possibly imagine. Shopping for a Nude lacquer that works flawlessly with your skin tone can be a chore so I just made my own! All my friends have been cloying for a bottle so I have added it to the collection. I won’t give too much away on here as we will be launching officially in a few weeks will the full set, so more news then


For this manicure I was inspired by Katy Perry’s “Roar” song. I listen to this when I go running, which is not often, but every time I hear it it makes me feel super happy and powerful.

Listen to it here for an injection of girl power


I used LL’s French Navy colour named Blue Jean Baby (£7) which is part of The Studio Collection (£35) and the new nude shade on my *single ladies* finger (available soon). I then did a bit of easy nail art with my Models Own Nail art pen in black. These little pens are great if you are a nail art beginner. They come with a dotter and a thin brush to get you started. As you can see they have had a package update and my pen is a few years old now so I had a little acetone to it to thin it out a bit but it’s still going strong. You can also pick them up in Superdrug and Boots. To do the tiger stripes just dab off the excess polish and quickly swipe across nail from alternative sides. Finish with top coat.


Finger Bling: Full set of Gold Tone Rings from H&M, Stackable Personalized Initials Rings from Etsy.


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