#NOTD: Cheeky x The Lacquer Lab

I decided to switch up my mani today for shopping in the city with my sister. I have been meaning to review the Cheeky nail polishes for ages so I thought a little brand collab would be a good starting point.


I love this classic, British, racing green shade by Cheeky called Moss-Behaving. All their polishes have fun and playful names and this one, I believe, is a homage to British icon Kate Moss and her rebel streak! The polish paints on beautifully  when you load up the brush and the brushe is extra wide so you can cover the nail in one stroke, great if you like a quick mani, not so great if you have tiny nails or are trying to paint right to the edge of the nail though. I would however always favour a wider brush over a thin one.The formula is quite thick and dries relatively fast which is an all round bonus as you don’t need many coats for great coverage however it does mean you have to work fast to smooth everything out before it gets too tacky.


The colour is really sophisticated and has a good shine to it as well. The swatch below is done with no top coat so you get an idea of the finish.


I decided to do a Beyonce and dust a little glitter topper onto my single ladies fingernail. I have used my own band The Lacquer Lab in Clarissa Explains it All (£7) which is part of the Glitter Mix Collection. This glitter mix is a retro rose and gunmetal grey combo (total 90’s throwback) which you can dab over a nail in one stroke (as pictured below) so the base colour still shines through, or if you fancy a full coverage glitter you can apply 3 coats! These polishes are also great and easy to use for gradient glitter designs. You will need to let the glitter dry between coats though but lucky this is a quick drying base you will be good to go in no time.


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