The Lacquer Lab: New Brand Launch

So, 5 days ago I launched my own line of indie, boutique nail lacquers (HOORAYY!!). For those of you who aren’t familiar with indie nail lacquers we are custom, hand-blended, boutique polishes, made lovingly by myself and my small team. Indie lacquers are really heating up the polish market place at the moment! Our carefully blended lacquers are fashion and style-led and we can guarantee you a quality product, made in Britain which is cruelty free and 4-free. Basically we should all be rocking indie lacquers!


Blue Jean Baby, £7Image

Red Planet, £7

I am so excited to finally have the online store up and running and finally be able to share it with you all. You can visit here to purchase all our lovely lacquer goodies:


Ultra Violet, £7

Pool Party, £7

Also, we have recently debuted our spring line aptly names Spring Breakers Collection; it’s fun and frivolous with cheekiness right at its core. The shades vary from creamy and bright but what they all have in common is a high-shine base and are quick drying!


Spring Breakers Collection 5 x 10ml, £29

If you aren’t ready to hang up your winter coat just quite yet and are into a more neutral, subdued palette then our debut lacquer line named, The Studio Collection, might just be your thing.


The Studio Collection, 5 x 10ml, £29

We have big plans for The Lacquer Lab, including a Nail Mail subscription service and a Nail Care range. We are also debuting another collection in the coming weeks which has been ready for 2 weeks now and I am itching to showcase it!

Keep in touch Lacquer fans!! xxLL Emily

Our lacquers are priced at £7 and you can buy a gift boxed pink n mix Lacquer Trio for £19


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