Shower Essentials: Product Review

I love my Sunday showers; they are a great time to take an hour out of my day and give every part of my body the care and pampering it needs. Today I have picked a selection of beauty products that make my Sunday scrub down that little bit more luxurious (SOME OF THESE BABIES ARE NOT TO BE MISSED). However, luxurious is not the optimal word here, results are what I look for and if they smell and feel great, well even better!

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I have been working hard to launch my new brand of Boutique Nail lacquers (more on this next post) so my lengthy skincare regime has taken a back seat and as of late and been replaced buy a quick cleanser and moisturise before bed! Today I made extra time for a pre-shower glycolic peel! I love the Nip + Fab range, they have a no nonsense, scientific, results driven ethos and their products deliver. I worship at the helm of glycolic acid and go for a glycolic facial every month if I can but when I’m in between facials these babies never disappoint! Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Treatment Pads (available at Selfridges & Debenhams £12.95) come in a cute little pot with 60 product soaked pads. I use 2, one for each side of my face, so I know I’m really sloughing off the dead skin and letting the acid do its thing. They are so handy and OK for sensitive skin like mine as well – no redness! I really cant recommend them enough as they brighten and exfoliate are simple and fuss-free and at £12.95 for the pot, that’s only 43p a facial if you do it my way!

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I follow this with a quick 10 minute face mask of Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix (£7.95 Debenhams). This can be used as cleanser and moisturiser as well as a mask treatment. I slap it on and do some laundry (so glam) before I jump in the shower. This product is rich and cooling with eucalyptus, tea tree to antioxidaise and almond oil for moisture and compliments the post Glycolic Fix quickie-facial well as it injects the moisturise back in and protects you before you hit the hot, hard water shower! WHAT A DREAM TEAM THIS IS! A recommended combo for all glycolic lovers who needs a quick pre-shower facial, the results are very pleasing.

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My next treat is new brand Cheeky’s Bright As A Button – Dry Body Buff (£10 from which is a great body exfoliater, perfect for easing your dry winter legs back from hibernation under your jeans! It’s packed with Dead Sea Salt which is fabulous at waging war against dead skin! I slough this on vigorously before turning on the hot water. It has a lovely fresh scent which reminds me of the beach and as soon as the warm water hits my legs its silky city!

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A Sunday pamper sesh wouldn’t be complete without my next treat! I was tempted to do a post of this on its own it’s THAT GOOD! My sister, who has long flowing blonde locks, introduced me to this Colour Save Intensive Masque by Tommy Guns (£7). Seriously kids, this hair masque has the wow factor. If you think your conditioner is doing the job then think again because every barnet needs a lil Tommy Gun action. This is a really creamy product which I run through my ends and mid lengths, leave for 3 mins and viola! After rinsing your hair still feels super silky and there is no build up either. It makes styling time a doodle and helps air dried hair look as good as it can. I use a purple shampoo to lift my blonde highlights twice a week and that can leave my hair feeling a bit dry but with this treatment I even forg-go my conditioner because it does the job on its own. TG’s products have an amazingly high-end bouquet and they, quote “take fragrances very seriously”, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.


Okay, lets dry off. Growing up in a house where my mother was a massive advocate of organic and natural beauty I was always surrounded by natural essential oil fragrances and beauty remedies. I have never been a fan of synthetic smelling scents in my beauty products, which is what makes The Australian Bodycare range such a pleasure to use. If you aren’t a fan of tea tree look away now, however, you cannot deny its amazing natural healing properties. After the shower I inject moisture back into my skin by using Australian Bodycare Hand & Body Lotion (£15 for 250ml) and their Foot Treatment Cream (£10). The lotion is lightweight and uplifting, with active ingredients which help restore your skins PH balance and comes in a handy pump bottle, perfect. The foot cream is a treatment so its a heavier, richer consistency, just what you want from a foot cream. It has Witchhazel and Vitamin E to soften your soles and put a spring in your step. They recommend applying and wearing cotton socks to bed for a deep moisturise. What’s great about this product line is it always leaves you feeling uplifted and fresh.


Finally, I douse a little Steam Cream (£12.95) onto my face. I have given my face a treatment pre-shower so just a little something sweet to keep me going until I apply my makeup later. Steam Cream is a great find for anyone who likes natural, quality face cream that is lightweight and nourishing. STEAMCREAM  is handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam.  This makes the cream not only lightweight but long-lasting as well, perfect for my post quickie-facial.The unique and pretty packaging means the pots are pretty enough to keep on display. the next one I plan on buying is the Marrakech pot as it reminds me of a lovely holiday I took there.

White Toweling headband is £3 from Sanisburys.



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