Trending: A Thirst for Bottled Beauty

A Thirst for Beauty

If you have been known to reach for the hot water and lemon after a heady weekend of intoxication then there may be a more complex complexion corrector on offer for you. Asia, with a culture for drinking cups of antioxidant, health benefitting teas, is leading the way in a new beauty trend known as Beauty drinks and is now growing in popularity in Western markets also.

Beauty drinks, also known as ‘ingestible cosmetics’, combine the benefits of vitamin supplements with dressed as a tea or fruit juice and often have ingredients such as vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid which enable the brands to offer an anti-aging positioning.


As consumer s come round to the idea of improving their hair skin and nails by drinking beauty elixirs we see a market opportunity growing for beauty and drinks brands alike. The global market for functional drinks is forecast to rise to a value of $89.6 billion by the end of 2016, (Mintel, 2014).


Price points are premium: OCOO retails at £6.99 per daily portion, and drinks are often dressed in appealing, high end packaging that wouldn’t look out of place on a dressing table or in the clutches of a post-Pilates, manicured hand.


How often is one expected to drink these delectable drinks in order to see results or is it just a refreshing pick me up? Also it will be interesting to see which category these drinks land in in-store? Beauty or Food?As a longtime user of supplements for hair skin and nails I know it can take months to see visible improvements and with the price point being upwards of £3 it’s not something I see myself doing daily. I’m keeping the Evian on tap for now.


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