New Hair Trend: The Clavi-cut

LONG HAIR FATIGUE. You’ve seen it, hell you’ve probably had it/have it now; the way we swan around with a sheet of hair like a cloak of protection? Like it’s a sheath of armor making up for a boring outfit, covering lumps and bumps that we should really just diet off. Long hair is no longer liberating, it is boring. I’ve sensed the tide has been turning for a while, but it’s a slow turn and understandable seeing as we all took years trying to grow our locks down past our bosoms. The answer to your hair fatigue is none other than a mid length cut. coming in many shapes and form known  in beauty circles as The Clavi-cut.

BeyonceTumblr3.jpg.image.W249N0E830S872w469.original Daria_Werbowy_mit_Clavi-Cut-6094e03fda07353a

Let me educate you: the word Clavi-cut comes the English word “clavicle” which refers to the collar bone area on the body. This is where this styles longest length of hair stops at.The Clavi-cut suits any type of face shape – whether oval, round or heart-shaped. Importantly the cut must be perfect and the hair must be slightly longer front, otherwise the Clavi-cut looks too plain. The Clavi-cut goes one inch or two beyond the Lob and epitomises 2014’s trend for more informal and less-styled hair. Choppy layers are rough-dried to create a naturally wavy, salt-spray texture. At the other end of the spectrum, the Clavi-cut also looks so so chic when it’s artfully blow dried into a bouncy sex-bonnet or even straightened into a sleek graphic style with a high-shine finish.


Model’s and Actresses alike are upgrading to the Clavi-cut and it’s time you grew a pair and did too.

   Marani-bbt-F13-011-a590e244cf199844      keira-knightley

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