Shopping Haul: AW 2013

It’s colder, its’s windier but the silver lining to this rain cloud is that its time for a new wardrobe!


i have been pouring over this seasons lookbooks, carefully honing and selecting my wardrobe items so they reflect this seasons cuts and colours but also work well together for in the office and out. Lots of check points…. I’m now well in purchasing mode and i thought I would share with you some key items I have bagged so far 🙂


27T02ENAV_small 32Z29EBLK_3_normal ASOS 20 Beauty Store Visits 1400 Beauty Store Visits 1405 dune desert sturdy boots topper 85 leopard print legging flock ZARA 26 PENCIL JERSEY ASOS 18 tee topper 25 trousers 40 WHISTLES ASOS 11 whistles asos 75 zara boots buckles 80 23J33EPBL_normal 5106201040_1_1_1 $(KGrHqJHJFcFIu7y7e(sBSNgyn6lCQ~~60_35 $T2eC16J,!yoFIfFN1z05BSNI2sRdN!~~60_12 $T2eC16J,!ysE9sy0h(PzBR)1Ht2ROg~~60_12 $T2eC16NHJH4FHcTC5FQoBSNeFtIm6g~~60_12 $T2eC16VHJG!FFm40JyY5BSOg,9T0o!~~60_12 02F25EBLK_normal 04S05ECHR_normal


90’s Minimal: Fav trend


I am so in love with the 90’s minimalist trend and finally it has started to filter down into the high street collections. Usually my shopping trips to achieve this look are a mixture of charity shop trawls and a number of disappointing eBay gambles. Now the high street has taken notice and is channeling this chic ad understated trend the look is ready to wear and has had a colour palette update too. Not to mention no dodgy smells or moth holes.

Designers like Alexander Wang have created labels synonymous with 90’s nostalgia and now the trend is emerging from the spring/summer 2014 runway shows and key spring/summer 2013 magazine editorials

You have to recognize the late 90’s silhouette in order to nail this trend. Fabrics skim the body and touch skin in all the right places. tops are tight bottoms are a loose casual fit.

I think this look of basic silhouettes and styling works best with a slimmer silhouette on a younger lady – mid-riffs at the ready.

For style reference look to tastemakers such as supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder. Many wore designs from Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, the ready-to-wear giants who were redefining modern sportswear during the decade.

90sminimalism_058.jpg.image.W0N0E498S747w300.original 90sminimalism_010.jpg.image.W99N251E583S977w300.original 90sminimalism_020.jpg.image.W0N0E699S1049w300.original 90sminimalism_027.jpg.image.W14N20E390S584w300.original 90sminimalism_009.jpg.image.W0N0E413S619w300h450.original 90sminimalism_010.jpg.image.W99N251E583S977w300.original 90sminimalism_014.jpg.image.W104N0E957S1280w300.original 90sminimalism_020.jpg.image.W0N0E699S1049w300.original 90sminimalism_021.jpg.image.W158N0E1477S1981w300.original 90sminimalism_027.jpg.image.W14N20E390S584w300.original 90sminimalism_046.jpg.image.W0N72E1908S2934w300.original 90sminimalism_058.jpg.image.W0N0E498S747w300.originalrexfeatures_2443851bd.jpg.image.W23N39E2350S3533w300.original SS14-NRodriguez-031.jpg.image.W0N313E3035S4866w300.original