Gabrielle Chanel: Animation

I stumbled upon this beautiful monochrome animation done in honor of the innovative designer and style icon, the late Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

It’s so lovely to be able to see into the visions, struggles and triumphs of the woman who shaped our lives and our silhouettes in a century dominated by male fashion designers. please watch and enjoy!

Gabrielle Chanel – Inside Chanel


Bare Minerals: Product Review

Okay, so mineral makeup is nothing new but personally I have never used it. Leader of the pack is of course Canadian brand BareMinerals part of Bare Escentuals, so I decided it would be their product I road-tested. They do have lovely in store concessions as well and in my experience their counter staff are pleasant and approachable and are always keen to do makeup on potential customers. These shop floor make overs – or should I say make-unders – are key to the marketing success of the brand because when it was first launched users were unsure as to how to get the best out of their mineral makeup.

I think this is an excellent selling tactic as you do have to take a more specific approach to the application process with mineral makeup, which involves swirling product into the brush hairs from the lid then apply to face in a circular buffing action to make sure the minerals warm up on contact with skin and cover up your imperfections. Also, I wish more makeup counters were as approachable as the girls at Bare Minerals; John Lewis, Oxford Street.

I sampled this starter kit which is really good value for money.

Collection includes:

  • bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light and Golden Fair (2g each)
  • Original Mineral Veil (2g)
  • Warmth All-Over Face Color (1.5g)
  • Full Flawless Face Brush
  • Flawless Application Face Brush
  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
  • How-To DVD shows you how to Swirl, Tap, Buff® your way back to the skin you were born with
  • Prime Time Foundation Primer (15ml)
  • £49


The assistant says this kit will give you everything you need for a perfect complexion. The kit covers all bases with foundation concealer, contouring and finishing powder; which is great because its costly to by everything separately. What really pleased me was that the brushes come included (all three of them!) and many times the brushes can be more expensive that the products themselves.

What I really loved that didn’t come included in the pack was the Retractable Buffing Brush which you can load up with product and take out with you for touch ups, really handy. You can buy this from for £18 when it’s not sold out! They also stress how flexible the Bare Minerals products can be as the user can control the coverage. The product is buildable which means no taking off your makeup after work and reapplying for the night out. You can simply top up add a new lipstick colour and gooooooooooooo!


I have difficult skin; it’s dry and yet I have a lot of pores at the moment (something I only noticed after turning 25 :() this means I usually opt for moisturizing formulas with a medium coverage as I don’t tend to suffer with acne. However, my biggest gripe with my dewy liquid formulas are that they never stay put. I reapply once midday and after work. So, although I had stayed away for powder formulas previously I was interested to see if the BareMinerals foundation would deliver on the moisturize as well as longevity front. At 5pm after work I can report my face looked exactly the same as it did when I had it done at 1pm. Although this foundation stayed put it didn’t give me enough pore coverage as  I usually like. I felt I looked a bit too caked although I did recived a comment that my face looked flawless and doll-like…. not sure if that’s good or bad?

7 12 549

If you love a full face of makeup and hate to reapply this is a great set for you. However, I wouldn’t discount those who like the natural look because the product is buildable so you can opt for a sheer natural veil of foundation with this product too. Although users with larger pores should stay away if you are someone who likes to apply the slap liberally. Although mineral makeup wont clog your pores it does little in the way of covering them up!

Click here to be redirected to the John Lewis Bare Minerals online concession.

Bargain Beauty Buy: Blue Mascara

Every so often I fall in love with a product, become simultaneously addicted to it and wonder why I haven’t been using said product in my life thus far. It’s also an added bonus when the item costs a meager £1.50!

I am talking about my new lover affair with Blue mascara. It’s nothing new or innovative to the beauty market and was popular decades ago but I’m leading a revival – and this time it works on blue eyes too. Traditionally blue eye makeup was reserved for brown eyes, like purples work best on green eyes and coppery browns best on baby blues. This colour from Collection makeup is perfect for every eye colour, I don’t know why it just works.

I would describe it as a royal blue but don’t be fooled, it only looks like that in the bottle. When on the lashes like all coloured mascaras the bottled colour will mix with your lash colour so expect the hue to be toned down. I have tried many blue mascaras before which did absolutely nothing for me – I might as well had been wearing black. This one was one of the brightest I found and it adds a really lovely depth of blue to my lashes. It’s most special when you are in a well light room with overhead lighting like my buildings lift – that’s when it pops. Truly stunning 🙂

For those of you interested in texture this is not a false lash effect mascara so i would recommend using it on your falsies or on top of a clear mascara for added length and volume. I like it one its on in day time for a pretty pop of colour. It also lasts all day, no flaking.

Collection 2000 Mascara Colourlash 5 bought at Superdrug £1.50

“Create coloured lashes with COLLECTION Colour Lash Mascara with all day lasting wear.”

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New Faces: AW 2013 Trends

If you’ve done your homework you will already have taken a sneaky peak at the catwalk beauty trends that floated down the runway last February. If not never fear I have written out the hottest beauty trends so you can put your best face forward this season.

The wintry looks flooding the mags  wintry looks that flood the magazines are vampier, more astute and considered than a summer face. Its party season after all and what better excuse to try out a new look. There is a definite focus on both eyes and lips at the same time reflecting the opulence of the season.


Finished Skin: Faces shift from the dewy glow of summer to a more velvety groomed and finished look. Foundation is applied with precision followed by a liberal dusting of powder. Blush was scarce on the runways.

Brows: Thanks to Cara D brows, whether bushy and bold or penciled and groomed, are still big in the game.

00120h_426x639 (1)  00270h_426x639 (1)  00330h_426x639


A big focus on eyes this season with metallic smoky eyes in various complimentary shades; blues, greys, purples and emerald greens.

Highly pigmented powder shadows are leading the way with the trend for Blue shadow repeating in AW 13. Electric, powder and aqua blues are all trending.

The Classic cat eye flick gets experimental. Extra inky and bold shapes are key and liquid eyeliner is a staple product.

Images: Topshop, Anna Sui, Aquilano & Rimondi

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Petal Stained: a winter favourite wine stained and blackcurrant lips return; seen at Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Miu Miu and Marni.

00140h_426x639 00280h_426x639 laura_mercier_dark_spell_lip.jpg.image.W285N225E883S1123w300.original nars_3.jpg.image.W144N120E467S605w225.original


Matchy matchy: with the current trends in nail lacquers still going strong many brands are matching their nail palettes with lips and eyes. Tom ford, Dior, Guerlain and Estee Lauder AW13 chose this as the focus of their beauty campaigns with close up shots with manicured hands placed on the face.

Nails colours follow the winter palette and we will see opulent jewel tones as well and browns deep reds and purples

metallics_campaign_2.jpg.image.W0N0E419S435w469.original 15.jpg.image.W0N0E600S379w469.original 06.jpg.image.W0N0E600S392w469.original

ysl_8.jpg.image.W117N158E461S674w225.original Vernis_Alchimie.jpg.image.W662N696E2572S3565w225.original nars_2.jpg.image.W253N197E563S662w225.original